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It's certainly not for everyone :-)

88s brotha!

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Hello everyone,

I spun up a Facebook group a while back, specifically for K3 and K3S owners.  We're pushing 400 members, and there's no drama or BS, and it has a fairly decent SNR.  For the most part the requirement for entry is that you own a K3 or K3S and we ask your call.  We absolutely consider folks with other Elecraft rigs or those that have them at clubs and are something other than an owner, but at the same time completely ignore requests from folks with no hint of being an Elecraft owner/user.

We ask two things.  Do you own a K3/K3S? and What's your call?   If this is ignored, it's almost (but not quite) an instant rejection.  Usually I will at least try to find you on QRZ by name or look at your photos to get a sense if it's a spam bot or real human with a real interest joining.  So far this has worked extremely well.  Zero problems after a couple years.   There are owners and even Elecraft employees there.   

Initially the idea was to help each other with general issues, as well as specifically with scripting.  I'd say it's more of a social thing with not a lot of traffic.  

So being very careful here, I want to point out that Facebook is not a substitute for this list.  Nor is this mailing list a substitute for Facebook.  They're different formats for different things, and I want to make it clear that all are welcome if you share the same love of these radios.     Think of it as more of an extension or augmentation with an emphasis on the less serious side.  A place to post your shack pics and show off the wallpaper earned using these fine boxes of tech.  I have no affiliation with Elecraft in any capacity other than being a happy customer.  Please consider this an invite.  There are other groups for the other rigs and I do want to keep the focus on the K3 and K3S (and the K5 - somebody else can focus on the K4, .... ..     .... ..    .... ..

Bob - N3XKB 

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