Re: Factory service still available?

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

In reading the various sites, reflectors, and discussion groups, I am constantly amazed at the issues hams seemingly are having with their equipment.   I sit here every day in front of my K3S, P3, KPA500, and KAT500 along with various software applications. These applications run on a laptop that was originally released with Windows Vista.   Today it is running Windows 10 Pro.   I have no issues or problems running Windows 10 Pro.    My antennas are basic wire antennas, center fed, with either coax and a 1:1 current balun at the feed point, or center fed with 450 ohm window line that runs from the feed point to the operating position. There is nothing challenging or difficult or complex about my station.  It is items which I purchased assembled from Elecraft or in the case of antennas, those I assembled and erected myself.

My point, my system works as designed, and as expected, and does everything I want it to do, and that's 100% of the time.  Why then do others have the issues?  It isn't the equipment.   Perhaps they need to look in the mirror to observe the real source of the problem.  Windows 10 Pro is a different animal, it is more challenging, it requires a deeper understand.   The issues are not Windows 10 Pro related.    In general today I find that hams, many have obtained their license from the Extra Class prize out of a box of Cracker Jacks are the ones having the problems.  I know this statement will step on toes and offend some people.   However I find, in general, there is lack of knowledge and understanding.

As a member of a local radio club, I was asked to assist with teaching new prospective hams in preparation for their license exam.  I inquired as to what I would be teaching?   The answer came back  "the test"!    HUH!!   Why not just sign the papers and give them an Extra Class license.   Needless to say I declined the offer to teach.

For me, I started as a Novice Class operator, not an Extra Class as many have done today.  I kept and operated my Novice station for almost a year before becoming a General Class operator. Finally moving up to Advanced and then Extra Class license. Personally today, I think the VEC program is a horrible failure and done a grave injustice to the ham radio society.

I'm glad I'm 77 years young, I have had my ham license since 1959 thus 61 years.  I'm also glad, the way things are going, I won't be around many more years to endure the mess.  This is just one step in the dumbing down of society in general.

From experience, the Elecraft Factory service is among the best in the world.  They, like others, are taking precautions necessary to protect the staff.  Smart decision.


Bob, K4TAX

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