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Jeffrey griffin

I remember all of this now. Actually  I was running about 7 watts to drive the AMP after I had the PA failure at 100 watts, there were no issues at 7 watts. I was trying to make the point that I was avoiding the 100 watt PA by running under 12 watts. Sorry for the confusing first email. This all happened in October while I was still at my summer home. Been awhile, I just got around to working on this here in Florida today. Use my Flex 6500 here and the K3 sat since November as I use it just in NJ but brought it here to work on.

 So to clarify the problem was at 100 watts or so while running data modes, SSB QSO’s were no issue. Data contacts at 7 watts to drive the KPA500 was also no problem. I never had a problem with my K3 since 2007 until last year or so with the more frequent data mode duty cycles


73 Jeff kb2m


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Running 12 watts on data modes is bad. The low power PA won't withstand that.

-de John NI0K

Jeffrey griffin wrote on 5/3/2020 12:35 PM:

Last summer I was running more data modes (FT8) when I started having an issue with the 100 watt PA failing with a ERR 12V message. I then did the KP3A power connector replacement. This worked fine for a few months. It was working fine till I once again noticed a strong burnt electronics smell coming from the K3's PA. I at that time just used it at 12 watts to Drive the KPA500 for a while as this worked fine. Today I decided to take it apart and try to determine what the issue is. After removing the  KP3A module I noticed that L23 on the main board is severely heat damaged. I wasn't expecting this, I was looking to inspect the power connector that I had fixed with the gold pins 6 months ago. Anyone have any thoughts on why L23 would fail? Before I send it to Elecraft. Thanks...
73 Jeff kb2m 


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