Re: 100 watt PA issue

john ni0k

Running 12 watts on data modes is bad. The low power PA won't withstand that.

-de John NI0K

Jeffrey griffin wrote on 5/3/2020 12:35 PM:

Last summer I was running more data modes (FT8) when I started having an issue with the 100 watt PA failing with a ERR 12V message. I then did the KP3A power connector replacement. This worked fine for a few months. It was working fine till I once again noticed a strong burnt electronics smell coming from the K3's PA. I at that time just used it at 12 watts to Drive the KPA500 for a while as this worked fine. Today I decided to take it apart and try to determine what the issue is. After removing the  KP3A module I noticed that L23 on the main board is severely heat damaged. I wasn't expecting this, I was looking to inspect the power connector that I had fixed with the gold pins 6 months ago. Anyone have any thoughts on why L23 would fail? Before I send it to Elecraft. Thanks...

73 Jeff kb2m 

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