Re: Factory service still available?

bill steffey NY9H

I have thst issue   where ther wsjt  and or sound card stops sending audio  ( thus no rf out) ..  

rebooting the wsjt and or havuing to reboot comnputer has it going again.   Just in case I added 31 ferrites to the sound card usb line... (maybe rf got in there)

probably not the k3

On 5/3/2020 9:42 AM, John Canfield wrote:

My K3s has just started an intermittent problem, it will transmit fine for WSJT-X for one exchange and then no RF for the next one (the K3s does go to transmit mode.)

Anticipating it probably needs to take another trip to California, is Elecraft doing repairs?

Thanks, John WB5THT

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