Re: Factory service still available?

Mike Flowers

Hi John,


Just as a test, the next time this happens click “Tune” on WSJT-X and see if you get tones and RF out.


I’ve had this happen and it’s not my K, it’s the WSJT-X software.


- 73 and good DX de Mike, K6MKF, NCDXC Secretary


From: <> On Behalf Of John Canfield
Sent: Sunday, May 03, 2020 06:43
Subject: [Elecraft-K3] Factory service still available?


My K3s has just started an intermittent problem, it will transmit fine for WSJT-X for one exchange and then no RF for the next one (the K3s does go to transmit mode.)

Anticipating it probably needs to take another trip to California, is Elecraft doing repairs?

Thanks, John WB5THT

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