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The patent for the power pole has expired and anyone is allowed to make copies.  AKA generic drugs.   RAS

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What is the penalty for manufacturing and selling counterfeit product? Penalty must be minimal and therefore very PROFITABLE.

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Subject: Re: [Elecraft-K3] EARLY ANDERSON POWER POLES & added USB

It’s time to be honest and state facts publically. If we use cheap counterfeit accessory products from China on our Elecraft radios, lets not blame the U.S.A. radio manufacturer when we have a problem. 
The worldwide problem is being able to spot these counterfeit products. Online sellers make it very difficult to identify where their goods are manufactured. In the UK I see sellers display our flag on their sites proudly stating “UK seller” but you order from them and get an extended delivery date with a tracking reference that takes you to a site with Chinese language symbols and a note in English stating “shipped from international “ airport ! 
This is the problem we all face in buying genuine components nowadays

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Bob Hammond G4DBW

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