Kent Trimble, K9ZTV

My K3 is serial number 21 and is the first kitted K3.

During assembly, I was concerned about the tension of the pre-installed Anderson Power Pole attached to the rear panel.  It captured the mating connector but wasn't as snug as other APP connections I was used to.  Visually the internal metal tabs appeared to be properly locked.

A month later, NØSS (s.n. 8) and I were invited to display the only two K3s that had been shipped to Missouri at the 2007 ARRL Midwest Convention in Lebanon.  A multi-band dipole outside the arena allowed attendees to operate the radios on-the-air.  During set-up, I tripped over the coax and ripped out the power cable from my K3.  If the tension on that APP had not been as light as it was, the K3 would have ended up on the floor.

Tom's subsequent examination of both rigs revealed wires attached to the APPs on the inside were too short and thus displacing the metal tabs just enough to prevent solid hefty connections.

Bruce's serial number 158 experience, together with ours, probably result from factory growing pains at whatever facility was installing APP connectors in those early days.


Kent  K9ZTV
Jefferson City, Missouri

On 4/28/2020 10:18 AM, Bruce Prior wrote:
My K3 is S/N 00158, as stated in my QST review. The power cable came with the radio. Is it possible that very early on, Elecraft did not crimp its Anderson Powerpole connectors? The problem is that there is very little friction to hold the connectors reliably attached to the K3. They slip out far too easily.
Bruce Prior N7RR


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