Re: K3 supply voltages

David Ferrington, M0XDF

Sounds like there is something wrong with that pair. Elecraft have been using APPs for some time, the K100 (K2 Amp) comes with APPs. I have K3 Serial No. 174 and never had a problem. And I’ve used my home made cables at times too.

Never had a problem with any APPs and everything 12v in my Shack and gear is APP, even took the Molex off my FT-857 and replaced it with APPs (the molex was going intermittent!)

73 de David, M0XDF (K3 #174, P3 #108)
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On 28 Apr 2020, at 16:18, Bruce Prior <n7rr@...> wrote:

My K3 is S/N 00158, as stated in my QST review. The power cable came with the radio. Is it possible that very early on, Elecraft did not crimp its Anderson Powerpole connectors? The problem is that there is very little friction to hold the connectors reliably attached to the K3. They slip out far too easily.
Bruce Prior N7RR

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