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David Ferrington, M0XDF

I second that, everything 12v in my shack etc is APP. only if it has an adapter that goes in a ‘cigar’ socket does in not. 

-73 de M0XDF

On 27 Apr 2020, at 18:49, Alan Baker <g4gnx@...> wrote:

If you're having problems with Anderson Powerpoles, then they've been incorrectly fitted, or are fakes.

They do NOT need soldering, unless it's to a PCB. Crimping is actually more reliable than soldering, provided that the approved crimp tool is used.

Elecraft use the correct tools to fit Powerpoles to cables that they supply. Others may not.

All of the issues I've ever seen with Powerpoles is either badly fitted crimps (usually a cheap crimp tool used), the wrong tab for the cable and shell, or counterfeit powerpoles.


Alan. G4GNX

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My problem is the finicky Anderson Powerpole connectors, which are far too loose. I commented about the problem in my QST review of the K3 in the April 2008 issue. See page 45 of my otherwise stellar review.
Bruce Prior N7RR

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