Re: [Elecraft] [Elecraft-K3] Latest on the new home for my K3...

David Ferrington, M0XDF

Yes, I’d like to know to and the source of the cable trays.
It’s very neat and professional.

Mind you, it seems to me, that lots of cool stuff is not available from UK suppliers :-(

73 de David, M0XDF

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On 22 Apr 2020, at 04:03, Clay Autery <KY5G@...> wrote:

I ABSOLUTELY understand, and identify! <big smile>

Could you clue us in on how you sourced/built that panel?  I'd love to have access to something like that!


Clay Autery, KY5G
(318) 518-1389

On 04/21/20 21:49, Dave Cole wrote:
Thanks Clay...  I decided to add the patch panel because I am sick of haveing to rewire everything I want to change an antenna!  That and it feeds my OCD issues. :)

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
ARRL Volunteer Examiner
ARRL Technical Specialist
ARRL Asst. Director, NW Division, Technical Resources

On 4/21/20 7:07 PM, Clay Autery wrote:
That is some really first rate work.... <big smile>  I dig it when folks are fastidious about their cable routing and otherwise organize things logically.... and NEATLY!!


Clay Autery, KY5G
(318) 518-1389

On 04/21/20 18:53, Dave Cole wrote:

I am undertaking a full rebuild of my operating position, note the Patch Panel does not say K3 on it...  That means I can replace things with a K4 later...  :)

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