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Michael Mickelson

Hi Lee,  I wonder if the mono plug is for the mic and the stereo plug for the phones?   My Heil head set is set up that way.  The electret mic will need bias which you can select from the menu.  Heil makes and adapter for the K3 and Kenwood headset it is the following if you don't want to wire your own.  It is available from several suppliers such as DXE. The mic plugs into the smaller of the two jacks on the adapter.  The other for a 1/4" plug is for a foot switch or a push to talk switch...  

Regards, Mike KD8DZ

Heil Sound AD-1-K - Heil Sound Headset Adapter Cables

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Headset Boom-Microphone Adapter Cable, Kenwood/Elecraft/Alinco, 8-Pin Round, w/Mono 1/4 in. Female PTT, Each


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On Mon, Apr 20, 2020 at 11:58 AM Lee Broestl <leeaa5lh@...> wrote:
Greetings to all.  
I would like to operate a Telex 750 aviation headset formerly used in my past life.  My goal is to use the headset for hands free ops at the shack and future mobile/portable ops. There are two male plugs, one 3.5 mm plug (mono) for the headphone side and the other a ¼” plug (stereo) for the microphone.  The mic is an electret type. Impedance info states that it is between 15-600 ohms.  Fortunately, both male plugs are still installed.  I plan on connecting through to a female stereo plug, then connected to the K3’s front panel eight pin connecter.  Anyone having step by step installation experience with would be appreciated.

Lee - AA5LH


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