Re: K3 reduced or no TX output on low and high bands

Jarmo Blomster

Thanks Keith,
The problem was faulty mixer, I swapped the 2nd RX mixer in place of 1st mixed and now I can do the tx gain calibration in all bands.
Now I just need to fix the mixer.

-- Jarmo, OH8KVA

pe 17. huhtik. 2020 klo 0.11 Keith_WE6R (keithtrinity@...) kirjoitti:

Hi Jarmo;
Check that your filter for CW TX is correctly set (either a 2.7 or 2.8), and if you have a 2.7, it should have an offset like -.89   If a 2.8, then zero offset.

Set PWR SET to nor, then set power to 11.9 Watts (7.9 on 6m).
Then long press XMIT to do a TUNE and see if it will make good power on all bands  (I assume 6m is dead).

If KXV3 equipped, put a dummy load on the XVTR BNC and runt he MW tx gain cal, that can show problems.

If the MW passes with good numbers (please send), and the LPA does not make good power, the LPA has an issue.
6m problems can be one (or more) of the 4 little blue coils on the mixer board L1-L4. The should be about 4 ohms and can easily be damaged and open.
Keith WE6R
Elecraft K3 Tech.

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