K3/0 mini cabinetry options?

Dennis Ashworth

I purchased a K3/0 mini several years ago and have been pleased with its performance. My initial thought was the K3/0 mini would be perfect for travel, but I’m really not happy with having to connect power supplies, the RemoteRig box and various interconnecting cables. It isn’t really a solution which you can pickup and easily move to a different location.

I have heard of some ops who have purchased the K3/0 (non mini) and enclosed all the supporting hardware inside the cabinet. This seems reasonable ... you’d have the same ‘floor space’ as the K3 with all the components and interconnects inside.

My goal is to have something I can pick up and move from the house to the patio or wherever, as a consolidated package. Has anyone devised a solution they would like to share?

Dennis, K7FL

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