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Rick NK7I

Or if you remote op while traveling, it’s convenient to keep in touch with your home repeater/s.   Done that too. 

Rick NK7I

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On Apr 10, 2020, at 8:35 PM, Charlie T, k3ICH <pincon@...> wrote:

If you only want an FM box for 2M, then yes, buy a separate radio.

However, if you need SSB/CW for DX and contests, then the internal unit is the only way to go.


73, Charlie k3ICH





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About 3 or 4 years ago I asked an Elecraft employee about adding their internal 2 meter addition to my K3 and he talked me out of it.  He said I'd be better off with a 2 meter mobile rig or even a cheap 2 meter HT.  That was enough to dissuade me as companies don't often knock their own products.  I bought a Yaesu FT-991 on closeout for under a grand that covers HF, 2 meters and 70 CM.  Now I have a backup rig to my K3 and VHF/UHF bands for almost solely repeater use.  I'm glad the employee gave me honest advice. 


Chris  NU1O

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I have and use the internal 2 meter transverter in the K3S, but didn't know they made any others.  I use it occasionally for 2 meter FM, more for SSB, and also to drive external transverters for 23cm and 3cm.


-Bob N3XKB


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Has anyone used any for the k3 internal transverters ? especially the 220MHZ


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