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I agree with that advice and yet started that way and went the other direction.  My K3S usually lives in a rack enclosure.  I even machined a custom front panel and got the radio and P3 side by side in the rack (trick was taking off the handle so it fits on the rack shelf).  It's all held down nicely and securely and would survive a trip down the stairs without much worry, and wasn't $350.  I think I'm up to $20, but the shelf was free and I had the scrap PVC plate I used to positively locate the feet.  And Elecraft was awesome and sent me mechanical drawings of the bottom so I didn't even need to measure the spacing on the K3S/P3 feet.

Anyway, being portable and driving microwave transverters, it was useful to me to have one less external box taking up space in the rack.   So mountain top weak signal stuff is pretty easy.  Just drag the trailer for the antennas and everything else fits in the trunk of the Subaru.  

And my QRZ page has a picture of the big 15 foot long 2 meter antenna up.   

I really didn't want a whole separate radio, although I do have a 2 meter all mode rig for dedicated use on the 10GHz dish.


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About 3 or 4 years ago I asked an Elecraft employee about adding their internal 2 meter addition to my K3 and he talked me out of it.  He said I'd be better off with a 2 meter mobile rig or even a cheap 2 meter HT.  That was enough to dissuade me as companies don't often knock their own products.  I bought a Yaesu FT-991 on closeout for under a grand that covers HF, 2 meters and 70 CM.  Now I have a backup rig to my K3 and VHF/UHF bands for almost solely repeater use.  I'm glad the employee gave me honest advice. 


Chris  NU1O

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I have and use the internal 2 meter transverter in the K3S, but didn't know they made any others.  I use it occasionally for 2 meter FM, more for SSB, and also to drive external transverters for 23cm and 3cm.

-Bob N3XKB

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Has anyone used any for the k3 internal transverters ? especially the 220MHZ


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