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Christopher Scibelli

General coverage RX is a separate option that costs $, and it definitely doesn't let you Xmit out of band.


Chris  NU1O

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Hi Mel,

I meant software patch not mod. My impression was that the program open the K3 up to become
a general coverage transceiver. This being said, the 7.600 to 7.700 Mhz range is real cloe to the IF
frequency so this range may be blocked.  I would ask the Elecraft Tech Support folks about this.

Best 73


On 2020-04-09 8:26 PM, Mel Marcus wrote:

Thanks for you reply. Are you sure there is a MARS mod for the K3. At one time when I asked about it, they said that the is a program to run that opens the unit up. I have that program and executed and ran the test enclose in that program suscessful. but please update me to if there is really a MARS mod.

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And NITA is not going to be happy if he does.

Me thinks the decimal was missed and thus the frequencies of operation needed is
7.600 to 7.700 Mhz range. For this the MARS MOD is needed.

Best 73


On 2020-04-09 4:12 PM, Charlie T, k3ICH wrote:
I think you’ll need an outboard microwave transverter to operate on 7.6  to 7.7 GHz.
73, Charlie k3ICH
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I have operated the k3 band limits program and haves tested  it.
I have a legal need to operate in the 7600 to 7700 Mhz range. When I dial or insert the frequency , and then hit xmit or tune, it tell me out of band.  Is there a way that I can operate the k3 in the above freq range.

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