Re: K3S Lost Sensitivity On 40 Meters


Assuming the transmitter still works on 40, and the RX ANT switch is in the right position, the only thing that seems to make sense is that the control signal for the RX ANT relay is somehow in the wrong state on 40.

What happens if you hook the antenna to the RX antenna jack?

Scott K9MA

On 4/9/2020 09:12, David Edger wrote:

After a couple of days complaining about lousy conditions on 40, I finally realized my K3S has lost sensitivity. I could hear big gun stations, but about s1/s2 level. Turned on my KX2 and the band was full of strong signals. K3S is still great on 80 and 20  

Any ideas on what is causing this monoband deafness?

i will probably ship it back to Elecraft when things get back to normal.  My tech skills were never much and poor vision does not help.  

73 and thanks for any suggestions. 

Dave N3CI

Scott  K9MA


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