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And not to clutter the list up very much with off topic stuff or anything, but some response is warranted.  The big explosion of cases in NY appears to be from Europe and other parts of the USA.  Believe what you want.  The facts don't support what you're saying.  As always, China does what's best for China, but that's not new.  


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China will not be seeing any of my $$ so long as I can help it.

China lied, many died.

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I just thought that for $20 (custom made in China, ~2 month delivery) it might be a worthwhile experiment to increase the reference oscillator stability (advertised as 0.1ppm).  My guess is, for this high of a frequency that the vendor’s circuit doesn’t doesn’t have a lot of gain.   Perhaps there are other reasons it didn’t work.  

The other thing I didn’t know about was if the K3’s Frequency Calibration would work.

   I didn’t test the amplitude of the stock oscillator (long story).

As for making an amplifier stage, I didn’t want to get into it...

Mike, W0IH

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