Re: KPA500 No Power Output >> kit E850607

Robert W5AJ

I got K3 schematics off Elecraft web page years ago. No problem.

IF you want to home brew on/off for remote - you'll need them.....

73 W5AJ

Midland, Texas

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Regarding schematics, you folks are making this issue much to complex.

Send an E-Mail to Tech Support at Elecraft, let them know you need schematics for XXXXX model and you will get an E-Mail back with a full set of clean schematics. What's the big deal? !!!

I have schematics for my K3S, my P3, my KPA500, and KAT500. They are nicely printed and in my 3 ring binder for all of my Elecraft equipment.


Bob, K4TAX

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