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David Bunte

Chris -

I don't want to pick a fight with you, and I am not posting this to the list which could result in a lot of OT comments, but I wonder... if you have been a loyal Elecraft customer for over a decade, without schematics being posted online, is THAT a reason to not get a K4?

My guess is that the decision to not post the schematic may be a small line of defense against their designs being stolen, although I realize that won't stop someone who is really intent on doing so.

And, who knows, if enough people take your position, they may begin posting schematics.

Very 73 de Dave - K9FN


On Mon, Apr 6, 2020 at 7:54 AM Christopher Scibelli via <> wrote:
Why can't Elecraft put the schematics of all their products on their website which is where they belong in the 1st place?

That decision will be a big factor as to whether I upgrade my K3 to a K4 and remain a loyal Elecraft customer as I've been for over a decade.

Step up and do the right thing, Eric and Wayne!!!


Chris  NU1O

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Hi Lyn,

I've found the FCC site:

While internal photos are available, schematics are not. They are listed, but cannot be accessed.

Do you know of another site?

Scott K9MA

On 4/5/2020 17:13, Lyn Norstad wrote:

Jan –


They are not.  But like all such products, you can find full schematics (minus recent alterations) on the FCC website.


If you can’t find them, get back to me and I will send them to you.







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Repairing the KPA500 is easier with schematics. The Elecraft website doesn't carry schematics for the '500 (or the '1500, for that matter); are schematics included in the documentation that comes with the PA?

73, Geert Jan

Scott  K9MA


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