Re: KPA500 No Power Output

Christopher Scibelli

Why can't Elecraft put the schematics of all their products on their website which is where they belong in the 1st place?

That decision will be a big factor as to whether I upgrade my K3 to a K4 and remain a loyal Elecraft customer as I've been for over a decade.

Step up and do the right thing, Eric and Wayne!!!


Chris  NU1O

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Hi Lyn,

I've found the FCC site:

While internal photos are available, schematics are not. They are listed, but cannot be accessed.

Do you know of another site?

Scott K9MA

On 4/5/2020 17:13, Lyn Norstad wrote:

Jan –


They are not.  But like all such products, you can find full schematics (minus recent alterations) on the FCC website.


If you can’t find them, get back to me and I will send them to you.







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Repairing the KPA500 is easier with schematics. The Elecraft website doesn't carry schematics for the '500 (or the '1500, for that matter); are schematics included in the documentation that comes with the PA?

73, Geert Jan

Scott  K9MA


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