Re: KPA500 No Power Output >> kit E850607


I know about this, because I had to make this mod myself and I have the documentation of it. It was on the Elecraft former mods page in the past.

On this current page:     you can find all these kinds of things, which is a very good thing. (Thank you Elecraft)

The KPA 500 T/R mod is not in the list at this time (something of the past?), but you can ask them by email. The mod itself is made on the LPF board. The LPF board (E850406) can be purchased at USD 550,95.


Arie PA3A
(K3 #12xx, KPA500 #14xx)

Op 6-4-2020 om 09:59 schreef southdaleus via

Just out of curiosity I tried to find that parts kit (E850607) and it's not found on the Elecraft web site.  Where did you find it?

Some time ago Elecraft changed their web site pages, these kits were easy to find with descriptions, but that seemingly has gone away unless they are hidden somewhere else.

Dale, K9VUJ

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