Re: KPA500 No Power Output

Stephen Walls

Mine was caused by a faulty KAT500 and the repair for both was under warranty.

Seems like it cost $125-150 for shipping to get them both [ insured ] shipped.  That was UPS, if I remember correctly.

Sorry I don't have that answer.

Someone earlier said 2-1/2 hours @ 99 labor, and the pieces @ about $110-120 ea.

I would guess $5-600 ????    Be sure they do all updates ! ! ! !

Good Luck,   Steve

On Saturday, April 4, 2020, 03:25:33 PM EDT, Jeff Clarke <ku8e@...> wrote:


Do you remember what it cost to repair your KPA500 ? Maybe Elecraft gets these cheaper than what I saw on Mouser's web page.


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