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I’d appreciate your thoughts on using SDRPlay devices as well as the P3.  As noted in an earlier post, I’ve been using a P3 since 2015 when I run into issues with LP-PAN2 .  

1. I’m presuming that you’re connecting the K3 IF out to the IF input of the P3, switching on IF out on the P3, and then connecting a second cable between the P3 and the SDRPlay device.  Any issues with splitting the IF output from the K3 between the P3 and SDR Play at the same time?  Are there any signal level issues using two devices at the same time (perhaps the P3 provides a boosts to the output IF)?  

That's how it's connected.  The P3 has a switch to terminate the unused output if it's unused, or you can turn that off when you go out to the sdrplay.   It's a tiny little switch on the back of the unit near the BNC ports. 
2.  What software are you running for a Panadapter in conjunction with SDRPlay?  I’m familiar with SDRuno (I have several SDRduo devices), so is it necessary to run different software to replace SDRuno to get the panadapter capabiility? I have no familiarity with N1MM or similar software so my initial preference is running a dedicated Panadapter software package that can support the SDRduo device (even if only one tuner is recognized by the software). I do see on the SDRPlay website a software package called “Spectrum Analyser v1.04B" released in October 2019.  Anyone tried out this package?

The only software I use these days with it is Win4k3Suite.   All of the others that work with the sdrplay will work with it though.   The beauty of this little box is it's not tied to just the IF output frequency on the rig.  You can attach an antenna and it's another radio receiver.  I just have it setup for dedicated panadapter use.  The spectrum analyzer package works fine.

I’m encouraged that running a SDR device will in fact allow me to remotely connect to the PC in the shack to view the Panadapter display when I operate remotely.   While I have used SDR devices for the past 15 months for other purposes, it never dawned on me the potential of using one for a Panadapter for the K3!  (Duh).

I don't know.  Maybe this will work.  I haven't ever tried to use remote desktop software while trying to observe more than static displays on the remote side (as in, no video or no panadapter to be more specific).   It might work fine.  It might not.


Of course, with the current ’shelter in place’ restrictions I have no idea when I’ll be able to get back to my remote site to connect the SDR gear I do have to the P3 and PC.  

Best of luck through all this mess.     73   -Bob N3XKB


Barry Baines, WD4ASW
(Keller, TX)
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-Bob N3XKB

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 6:27 AM wb6bee <wb6bee@...> wrote:
I have the P3 and LPPan with Nap3.    I find NaP3 significantly more user friendly and versatile than the P3.    If you want to get DX in a pile up within a few calls, NaP3 is the way to go.  My P3 is relegated to providing signal reports.    If you don't own a P3, the LPPan is a cheaper way to go, NaP3 is freeware.    Win4K3 also has a really nice spectrum scope, also cheaper than the P3.


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