Re: Panadapter Software for the K3s


I'm one of those guys that had the LPPan 2.   And it was terrible (sorry Larry, your other products are great!).  It did the job, not very well, and required additional sound device hardware to plug into and was annoying to get going or move around.   The $100 SDRPlay does the same job without the $150 sound box, without all the cables (just one USB, and one to the IF out).   And I've since bought the P3 because it always works and does most of what I want.  I do keep the SDRPlay attached and ready to go for additional functionality with software like NaP3, Win4k3Suite, etc.     I dumped my LPPan II, sound card, and all cables for something like $150 and I've been much happier ever since.   

That and they don't make them anymore (or haven't since October). 

-Bob N3XKB

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 6:27 AM wb6bee <wb6bee@...> wrote:
I have the P3 and LPPan with Nap3.    I find NaP3 significantly more user friendly and versatile than the P3.    If you want to get DX in a pile up within a few calls, NaP3 is the way to go.  My P3 is relegated to providing signal reports.    If you don't own a P3, the LPPan is a cheaper way to go, NaP3 is freeware.    Win4K3 also has a really nice spectrum scope, also cheaper than the P3.


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