Re: Panadapter Software for the K3s


Hello John,

I am using a softrock IF-lite for the K3 ($20 or so), my pc soundcard and for software (your question) : NAP3.

NAP3 does an excellent job as panadapter display and looks wonderful, mouseclicking works for main and sub rx so no need for anything else.
All com-ports necessary are connected via LP-bridge. (much to read about this on N8LP's website)
I can run N1MM, CW-skimmer, NAP3 and MMTTY simultaniously. No matter what I do, all programs and my K3 follow.
Working with this set-up for a log time, don't know how many years already.


Arie PA3A

Op 30-3-2020 om 18:42 schreef John Moore:

I would like to have a panadapter for my K3s.   I have a large screen Mac running Catalina and an older DuoCore 64 bit PC with Win10.  I prefer the Mac because of the large screen.  I am looking for a program that is simple to install. I am not a computer wizard.  I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank You.

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