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Edward McCann

Kind of reminds me of the Night Before Christmas poem that was hamified with humor.

Ed McCann

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I highly doubt the author would object to you using his spoof.  I'd be flattered if I was him.  Plus, enforcing trivial IP matters aren't adjudicated even during normal times.


Chris  NU1O

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Must admit that I found the following hilarious. While understanding that it might be considered inappropriate, in the present difficult times I find a bit of humour a tonic - particularly when it's well thought out like this! But we're all entitled to differing views, and that isn't what this posting is about.... 

As temporary editor of our local club Newsletter (Surrey Radio Contact Club - in Croydon, South London) I'd very much like to include the text in our upcoming issue. Is anyone on the list aware of any copyright, intellectual property or similar matters that would preclude me from doing so?

Thanks best 73 and good health to you all, Quin G3WRR 

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Amateur Radio operators are requested to adapt to the Coronavirus mitigation guidelines as they apply to amateur radio operating.

All ham radio operators are encouraged to stay at least 6 feet from the microphone in order to maintain proper separation from others.  The distance may be reduced if a mask is put on the microphone.

CW operators should wear appropriate gloves when handling keys.

There should be no more than 10 stations on the same frequency at the same time.

Disinfect your knobs, switches, etc before operating ... especially touch screens and PTT.  Shoe covers should be worn when using foot switches.  Use of hands-free VOX is strongly encouraged although from 6 feet away, it will be necessary to shout.

Disinfect all antenna cables coming into the station.

Only mobile stations and walkie-talkie contacts are permitted where sit-down service has been banned.   The 6 ft microphone separation guideline is suspended for these types of operation, but a mask on the microphone is strongly recommended.

Mobile operators are encouraged to remain in their vehicles except to get necessities.

Operators should leave their operating positions only for necessities.

Outdoor antenna work is allowed as long as there is social distancing among all who are present.

Hoarding of batteries, spare tubes, etc. is discouraged and is unfair to others.  We are in this together.

New equipment and parts should be ordered  online for front porch delivery.

Do not test (tune) your equipment unnecessarily.   Testing should be reserved for those who actually need it.

Your understanding and cooperation in this matter will be appreciated.


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