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redarlington <rdarlington@...>

They'll sound great with really wide receivers.  Or like you said, like they're in a barrel with a lot of RF going in places your 2.8kHz filter is not letting them  through.  And when I'm on the radio, I'm open about that wide or less. Never more.  It's wasted energy and really bad for DXing, but again, does sound great if you're wide enough for it.  Bob Heil's page has great info on how to adjust mics for punch to get the important part of the audio spectrum emphasized and the rest pushed back so the watts going out are conveying useful information.  I sound funny with the settings for a PR-4 microphone to me, but everybody else thinks the audio is great and I can be not just heard, but understood all around the globe.

-Bob N3XKB

On Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 6:44 AM Steve <99sunset@...> wrote:
You are so correct.  I have attended several talks given by Bob Heil regarding the useful audio spectrum that we should use in our transmitters.  He admits that any energy below 400 Hz is just energy lost.   I have set my K3s  to attenuate the first three segments of the TX EQ as much a possible. 
I talk to many folks on SSB that show the majority of their TX energy between 0 and 1000 Hz and they sound like they are in a barrel and are difficult to understand unless the conditions are exceptional.  They say they want broadcast quality audio.  Clearly they have not idea what they sound like at the receiving end and resist any suggestions.

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