Interesting P3 Anomaly

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

While working 6M this afternoon, I used my P3 Utility to capture the stations signal that I was working.  While the capture was taking place, about 3/4 through the capture screen, of course the P3 display had frozen as normal during this time.   The station turned it to me, I pressed the TX switch and started talking.  As soon as the P3 capture completed, and I while was talking, I noticed an active waveform on my P3.  After some further tests, I realized this is my transmitted waveform being displayed on the P3.  {How do you like them apples?}

Normally one does not see their signal on their P3.  But in this case, as the P3 Utility completed the capture and reverted the P3 to normal operation, it was then capturing my transmitted signal from the IF stage.

Maybe I've missed this feature in the past.  Has anyone else come across the phenomenon?   Certainly a nice feature to have as it does capture the IF signal.  Changing power levels makes no difference.

And NO , I don't have the TX monitor option.


Bob, K4TAX

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