Re: K3S to be discontinued

Rob Sherwood

It is easy to buy a previously owned K3 or K3S, and significantly cheaper than a new one. I wouldn’t say a new K3S was all that “mid-priced” in April 2019.  One of my friends in Colorado purchased a used K3S last summer.  I think he kept his K3. 

One would have to assume demand for a new K3S was minimal after Dayton 2019. 

Rob, NC0B

On Feb 29, 2020, at 10:26 AM, Jeff Clarke <ku8e@...> wrote:

You would think they would keep the K3S in their product line. Not everyone can afford to buy a top of the line radio like a K4. It would be nice to still have a mid-priced radio for those who've have grown to love Elecraft radios. I'm still using my K3-100 which I'm very happy with. I would love to upgrade but being retired I have to act more frugally.

Jeff KU8E

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