Re: K3S to be discontinued

Rob Sherwood

I was rather surprised that Elecraft emphasized a discount on the K2 through the end of the month.


How much demand is there for a new K2 kit?  Of course they could be selling like hot cakes!  I have no idea.


Will we get to see a K4 before the Dayton/Xenia weekend?  It would be nice to be able to talk about it at Contest University on Thursday May 14th.


Rob, NC0B


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Elecraft could release source code under an open source license!  It may actually be an advantage in the long run.   Imagine having the potential of keeping code current for the discontinued hw.

Dan W3dka

On Oct 26, 2019, at 07:55, Geert Jan de Groot <pe1hzg@...> wrote:

At one end, I understand the resources at Elecraft are limited and they need to focus, so dropping older, competing products makes sense.

But I wish Elecraft would be more open about this. I think the announcement newsletter was sent prematurely, but I do worry about support for older Elecraft kit.

Since the K3 was introduced, no update to K2 was made, with the exception of replacing some unobtanium DIL devices with their SMD counterparts. Certainly, no software update was made to the K2.

I worry about fixing bugs to K3(S) and P3. Several bug reports are years old and there is no sign of them getting fixed. Will there be new firmware for K3 (latest: jan 2019), or the P3 (latest: march 2016)

As to K2, Elecraft recently silently discontinued the XV60 option module, because of "parts unavailability". I checked the parts on the XV60 and can't find what part is obsolete - certainly the PIC processors are still in production. Stopping the XV60 makes the unit much less usable for VHF/UHF, and I see this as a first sign of  obsolescence of the K2.

I do understand creating something like the K4 requires significant engineering resources. But I hope Elecraft will decide to, for instance, release the source code for obsoleted products, so that we can do some of the maintenance ourselves. Things like the HW-8 have been around for decades and people are still keeping them alive; for Elecraft gear, this is more complex w/o access to the code. And is an obsoleted product, based on older technology, really going to compete with the Elecraft flagship products?

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