Re: KPA500 Input power vs. output power

Rob Sherwood

I would like to know the 1 dB compression point of both Elecraft amps, and others too, for that matter. Here is the general issue that I first ran into in respect to the Beko 2 meter amp. It was a Flex 6700 version that could be driven to 1 KW output with less than +10 dbm. This made it very easy to test for IMD.

The spec on the Beko is odd as it is rated at 1000 watts PEP on SSB, but the 1 dB compression point is specified at 1050 watts! The amp is quite clean at 400 watts PEP, acceptable at 500 watts PEP, and from my perspective unacceptable at 600 watts PEP.

I don’t know if the graphical data just shared is granular enough to extrapolate to the 1 dB compression point. I wonder if the raw spreadsheet data could be made available?


On Feb 7, 2020, at 6:34 AM, Dave Cole <> wrote:

Wish I had a KPA1500... :)

73, and thanks,
Dave (NK7Z)
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On 2/7/20 5:01 AM, John Canfield wrote:
Very interesting Dave, good job. I think your ratio of input power to output power would correlate nicely to my KPA1500.

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