S-Box integration into my station - complete success!

John Canfield <bucket@...>

My station has gotten considerably more complex over the last few months and I was getting frustrated how to interconnect my K3s, P3, a SteppIR SDA 2000 controller (with key line interrupt), the KPA1500 and a Kenwood TS-590S (and the PC.)

I started communicating with Bob (N6TV) and gave him a list of my requirements and a short while later Bob sent me a very detailed diagram in color showing everything interconnected and even listed a macro for the KPA1500 to switch from the K3 to the TS-590 using the PF keys and menu settings for the various boxes. A bit later Bob revised the connectivity and that's what I used when adding in the box to my station.

Not wanting to chase around for all of the various cables I wanted to source everything from Bob and have him option the S-Box. Everything was packed well and every cable end had protective bubble wrap -and- every cable end was marked with a label. This was really plug and play and it works! I haven't tested the TS-590S but that should be fine, I wanted to be sure we were all okay with the K3s, etc. before I tried the Kenwood.

I knew Bob has gotten good reviews but you can believe those reports. (This is a completely spontaneous review, he doesn't know I was going to make a post here.)


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