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Rob Sherwood

That would normally be an adjustment to deal with an amp’s T/R switching time to prevent hot keying.  I set my TX delay to 15ms for my Acom and Alpha QSK amps.  The Alpha 89 has PIN diode T/R switching, and Alpha doesn’t recommend faster than 10ms.  I don’t know what Elecraft recommends for the KPA500 or KPA1500, as they are also solid-state T/R switching.  Other than the Alpha 87A, (and old 86), who has solid-state switching these days?   Rob, NC0B


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The additional measurements I would be interested in are CS transmit, time from key closure to side tone and rf out.
de Dave K5MWR

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What are you using as the stimulus for these tests? We'd like to reproduce this in our lab.


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It takes about 5 minutes to make the measurement. Four minutes to hook up the equipment and 1 minute to measure it on a digital scope.

I have data on 12 rigs at

Download the PDF.  I need to add the TD-890S.

Rob, NC0B

On Feb 4, 2020, at 9:58 AM, Rob Sherwood <Rob@...> wrote:

 That will be interesting with current rigs running from 10ms to 180ms.  Rob, NC0B

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I realize that it’s a little early and Elecraft is most likely still fine tuning their firmware/software....has Elecraft published a expected RX/TX Latency Time for the K4?

Irwin KD3TB
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