Re: K3s driving a KPA1500 - how much drive power is nominal for 1500 watts? #kpa1500

John Canfield <bucket@...>

Thanks again guys and thanks Bob for the numbers. I wasn't making notes when tracking drive vs. output power - just a fairly gross report of what I was seeing. The entire reason for my question is my Acom 1000 amp (4CX800) would need about 55 watts drive to produce ~950 watts, I was very surprised the KPA1500 needed so little drive power.

That Acom 1000 was a very good amp and practically idiot proof which I needed with wire antennas, now I have a DB18E and a 75M inverted V dipole so we're always under 2:1. (The Acom was sold 45 minutes after I listed it on QRZ!)

73 de John WB5THT

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