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Rob Sherwood

Savings at Costco on eye glasses are similarly significant.  A new prescription from Kaiser, with an insignificant co-pay, if filled at the same Kaiser facility, would have been $498.00. My third time using Costco came in at $159.00. 

Rob, NC0B

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OK, I just got me a brandee new set of Costco hearing aids that pair automatically with my  iPhone via built-in Bluetooth.

So, I’m thinking, maybe I should buy a Bluetooth transmitter and plug it into my K3’s headphone jack.

My question is, what should I buy?  They seem to range from under 10 bucks to hundreds, so as usual, I’m confused.


I really only need the transmitter side of Bluetooth so I can hear the radio’s Rx audio in my hearing bones.

I don’t need the  BT Rx function as I will use my station mike for transmitting.


PLEASE do not reply through the forum as I don’t want to start another endless thread which has to be cut-off by the moderators.

Send replies to k3ich at arrl dot net.


If enough people also want to know the recommendations, I will post the results.


I have also ordered Costco’s version of the “TV adapter” which has a TOS link (optical) input.

It’s a whopping hundred bucks, so if I can find an equivalent low latency (good lip-sync) unit for a lot less I’ll return it,

since they give you six months to evaluate the system and offer a full refund during that time frame.


As a side comment, these are Kirkland’s version 9  hearing aids which are a VAST improvement over my previous version 7 bones.

I’m not connected in any way with Costco, plus,  their audiologists do NOT receive any commission on sales.

Simply put, you cannot beat their prices and service on hearing aids. I’ve tried!


73, Charlie k3ICH


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