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Rob Sherwood

I added an FET buffer amp and an emitter follower to the R-4C since there was no IF output. Does the FTdx-5000 have an 9 MHz output on the rear panel?  Rob, NC0B

On Jan 15, 2020, at 2:39 PM, Ed Pflueger <ab4iq@...> wrote:

9mhz Bob and Pierre has changed the P3 to 9mhz and it isn’t working.  So I’m looking for something to turn on in the 5000 or if something else has to be done.  I called Elecraft and left a message but probably should have put a ticket on it.  What it amounts to I sold it to him and just trying to help him getting it going.  I needed the room for when the K4 shows up. Hi




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Per the P3 manual, "it may be used with a receiver having an IF between 455 kHz and 21.7 MHz. "    So what is the IF frequency of the FT-5000K?  


Bob, K4TAX

On 1/15/2020 3:25 PM, Drew Vonada-Smith K3PA wrote:

Page 25 of which manual?

Do you mean an Elecraft Panadaptor?  A panadaptor (generally) works on the IF output of a radio.  The K3 and FT5k have different IF frequencies.  The P3 is not compatible.


Drew K3PA

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