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Kent Trimble, K9ZTV

I guess it's different strokes for different ear-drums, but I've used a wood-encased Radio Shack Minimus-17 on my office desk with various transceivers for over 30 years and it is excellent.


Kent  K9ZTV

On 1/13/2020 7:44 AM, Everett N4CY via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Charlie,

I have two sets of the  Radio Shack Optius speakers and I can tell you they are crap compared to the SP3 speakers. I have had Icom and Kenwood speakers and they are crap compared to the Elecraft SP3. I have 2 of the SP3 speakers, one in use and the other new in box. So you might want to listen to a SP3 to see for yourself. However, if you have a tin ear then speaker quality makes no difference. 

Everett N4CY

On Jan 13, 2020, at 7:00 AM, Charlie T, k3ICH <pincon@...> wrote:

I think all y’all * are crazeee to spend that much on a speaker.

Just look around your next hamfest for any of the little Radio Shack “Optimus”  or “Minimus” bookshelf speakers.

I typically find them for about five bucks.

Even if the speaker itself is blown, good replacements are available (At Newark/MCM or Parts Express) for a couple bucks too.


They have a reasonably flat response, are metal or solid wooden cased, no cabinet resonances, small size and sound GREAT.


73’ Charlie k3ICH


*”Y’all”  is singular

“All y’all”  is plural



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If you want a SP3, save yourself some money. I will sell mine, new in opened box for $190. No shipping cost, or sales tax. $190 to your door and I will take PayPal, or a personal check. 


Everett N4CY


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