Re: CW Noise Pedestal


Except if you actually look at those instructions you'll see otherwise.

"This modification applies only to K3S transceivers equipped with the KPA3A 100 watt power amplifier, serial
numbers 10732 (factory assembled), 10728 (kits) or below, and to all K3 transceivers with the KPA3 power
amplifier that have been upgraded with KSYN3A synthesizers."

Wes  N7WS

On 1/13/2020 1:35 PM, wb6bee wrote:
Hi Drew

This is on a K3s, so it should have the modification (unless there is a component/solder failure)

On the comment, I was going off the description on the Elecraft site  pasted in below:

Early K3S/100 and K3/100 with KSYN3A boards. Modification to reduce receiver noise generated by fans. Included on all new K3S radios.


KPAIO3MDKT Installation Instructions

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