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And it might be desireable to work a deal with acquaintances to use one  prime account and split the cost or throw in a few bucks. In a similar vein, I know some folks that "share" garbage collection fees, an idea that got real popular when the fees went up 30% in one shot.

Shipping gets to be a nag when you have to send stuff back and forth to get it fixed.  Fortunately,  EleKraft ( K is for Koolaid) gear is designed to be at least partially field repairable.

Paul NS2N

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No... it's an annual fee around $110.00, but includes a HUGE free video database and other things.
I figured out that I saved about $900 in shipping last year.... 

$900-$110 = $790 net savings....  I'll take that kind of a deal every day and twice on Sunday.

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On 01/12/20 18:26, KE1F Lou wrote:
Don't you have to pay a automatic monthly fee to get "free" shipping from Amazon? 
So the "free shipping" is not free.
Lou KE1F 

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Remember, Prime is not “free” those dollars came out of your wallet to cover shipping.  And, shipping, in general is a net loss for Amazon.

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