Re: internal tuners sold out

Joe Subich, W4TV

Assuming the SP3 "ships flat" (unassembled), it should fit
a USPS "Large Flat Rate Box" (12 x 12 x 6) for $19.95 any
where in the US (including KL7/KH6/KP4). It might fit in
the side load "Medium Flat Rate Box" (12 x 3 1/4 x 13 5/8)
for $14.35.

Regional Rate B packaging is even less if the distance is
appropriate (e.g. California to West of Mississippi or
VA/NC to East of Mississippi).


... Joe, W4TV

On 2020-01-12 10:50 AM, N6KR wrote:
I'll look into this ASAP, Dale.

On Jan 12, 2020, at 12:59 AM, dalej via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Hi Wayne,

I wish you good luck with the K4, however already owning a K3 and a K3s I have no plans to purchase the K4. Too many rigs already, like cameras.. If I didn’t already have two K3’s I would be in the mood…as the song goes.

I was going to purchase another SP-3 as I really like the one I have. I was all set to hit the buy button until I seen the cost to ship via UPS, $36.84. For a light weight item and not that big, $36.84 seems outragous. Is this a correct price for shipping via UPS or is it a typo? I see the other shipping option is via USPS Priority two day, $38.79. I just double checked and my eyes weren’t deceiving me. I can’t imagine how much shipping a KPA1500 would be.

Dale, K9VUJ

On 11, Jan 2020, at 21:18, N6KR <n6kr@...> wrote:

Greetings all,

The K4 is the replacement for the K3S + P3. This is a long-planned transition, and we've gradually drawn down stocks of the latter, including all options.

I'm sorry we can't provide options for all of our legacy products indefinitely. But we will of course continue to repair and otherwise support them.

We have three complete transceiver product lines aside from the K3S: The ultraportable KX2, its larger brother the KX3 (used by many hams as a compact home station), and the K4, our first hybrid-SDR desktop radio (with matching KPA1500 amp). All are very much active and will be for the foreseeable future.


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