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Everett N4CY


If you need a tuner (ATU) for a K3, I think MFJ still sell them.

Everett N4CY

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K3 parts running out is no surprise; keeping stock locks cash and with the pre-order routine for new products it is clear that Elecraft is careful where to put it's reserves.

A while ago, Elecraft quietly killed the 60m/transverter option of the K2. I didn't see an announcement.  I checked the parts (specific, the PIC controller) and could not find any part that was out of production. The K2 DSP option died a little longer ago. But, again, keeping cash in (future unsellable) stock is an issue.

For K2 options, I wonder if making the gerber files and programmable chips available, would help people. It isn't expensive to have some PCB's made these days, shipping being the major cost, and Digi-Key would solve the rest.

For K3, an additional problem is that not everyone can solder the SMD's and I am certain that Elecraft support is not looking forward to that route.

I am worried, however, that existing bugs in K3 and P3, reported earlier, will now remain. The K4 will be quite the same should there ever be a K5. That worries me.

For the internal antenna tuner, if you are in a bind, have a look at the MFJ-950K3. Probably not "as good" (though reviews are favorable), but since the original source dried up this is a possible alternative.

Geert Jan PE1HZG

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