Re: [Elecraft] [Elecraft-K3] K3s throwing a "HIGH CURR" error after installing K144XV and Reference Phase Lock Option

Clay Autery

1)  I can never GET to transmit on 2 meters.  It goes into "HI CUR" within seconds after switching to the 2 meter band.
2) The receive voltage is 14.3 VDC, and about 1.49-1.51 Amps.
3) The power cord is a custom-made 8AWG, twisted-pair cable directly lugged to an Astron VS-50M and plugged directly into the K3s.  Cable is less than 2 feet long.
4) It has been working like this for years.  SubRX install went without a hitch.
5) Radio is FULLY calibrated...

I have checked every single TMP cable, plug, et al on the interior and exterior...  Checked cables for pinching.  Checked everything I can think of at least a dozen times.


Clay Autery, KY5G
(318) 518-1389
On 01/12/20 08:59, Don Wilhelm wrote:


Have you measured the voltage displayed by the K3S during transmit?  A
low voltage is a common cause for Hi Curr.
Reduce the voltage drop in the power cord by running directly from the
power supply (no DC distribution boxes) and make certain all connections
are tight.


On 1/12/2020 6:11 AM, Clay Autery wrote:
OK... so NONE of that worked...  So, I reinstalled everything and
checked it 3 times...

Here is something....

What should the voltage be on Pin #1 of P95 (XV12DC) be with respect to

I am reading 13.75 VDC

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