Re: Elecraft K3/s Support

Kent Trimble, K9ZTV

All the more reason to use appropriate antennas, low power when tuning, and disconnect them when not in use.

Following such a policy has kept my 20-year old FT-1000D’s internal 3:1 tuner fully functional  long after Yaesu stopped making and repairing them.

Elecraft is a business, not a church.  Sentimental attachments are formed by the buyers, not the manufacturers.


Kent  K9ZTV  

On Jan 12, 2020, someone wrote:

... if the auto tuner in my K3s were to stop working, Elecraft can no longer supply a complete new auto tuner board that I could plug in, but will still do board level repair as long as any special ICs that might be required are still available ...

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