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Dale, K9VUJ

My only a guess, is it’s the change of *contractors* to employees per the California state law, plus additional requirments for small businesses in California.  I would advise Elecraft to reform their business to another state which is more small business frendly. Maybe Texas for one.  

Plus, you won’t have to deal with an earthquake that is coming sometime in the future.  


Dale, K9VUJ


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I also surprised by this ... I think of the K3S as a "new" radio. Was going to upgrade one of my elder K3 rigs, but if stuff isn't available ... for repair/replacement ...

Besides, is the K4 tuner so radically different than a K3 model? I'd have thought they were identical .. that tuner is not a weak point in the system. Or was it?

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Having been and still are an Elecraft owner since 2007, I’m a bit taken aback from the sudden abandonment of the K3/s line of radios and the acsssories/options.  What is going on that has caused this change??  

Dale, K9VUJ

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It almost apears they are going out of business.  Sad to see this.

Dale, K9VUJ

On 10, Jan 2020, at 23:28, Clay Autery <KY5G@...> wrote:

Yep....  IF you want K3(s) parts, especially major assemblies, you'd best get them soon.

I got THE last NIB sub-RX on the shelf a week or so ago...  They DO have some factory refurbs available...

Here's the status I got on December 30th:  (I'll bet it's changed a bunch since then.  NOTE: this is only a list of statuses on the parts I was ordering.)

  • KRX3A:  9 available as refurbished (reworked, not necessarily used).
  • KBPF3A: plenty of stock available for the foreseeable future
  • K144xv:  we have only a handful of these at this time.  Undetermined whether or not there will be another work order for purchase from vendor.
  • K144rflk:  we have approximately 10 in stock - most in refurbished
  • KFL3A-6K:  limited availability
  • KFL3a-2.8:  we have about 15 or 20 of these at this time.  If we did not have them available when you want them you could most likely buy them directly from our vendor (Vibroplex).
  • KFL3A-400:  this is probably one of the 2 most popular K3/K3S filters.  We do have a good number of these available at this time but they will probably go fast
  • SP3;  we have 25 of these available at this time.  Undetermined whether or not there will be another work order for purchase/build.
AFTER MY order....
  • I got the last KRX3A NIB, so maybe still the 9 re-worked (1 year factory warranty)
  • Got one of the KBPF3A, but they have plenty.
  • K144xv, I got one, so the handful they had is smaller.
  • K144rflk, I got one of the last new ones...  leas than 10 in stock, and you SHOULD have one of these with the K144xv
  • KFL3A-6K, I got another one...  more limited now.
  • KFL3a-2.8, I got TWO, They were the older INRAD brand 8-pole in Faraday cage, not the newer "Vibroplex"
  • KFL3A-400, I got one of these.... BUT it was NOT the INRAD 8-pole with a Faraday cage... It was the "new" Vibroplex part... only 6-pole and has an offset.  Elecraft support told me that my INRAD and Vibroplex filters will "play nice" because of the NEW synthesizers I have in my K3s...  Said to put the offset for JUST the sub-RX in ONLY the subRX field and "let the synthesizers do the heavy lifting."  THIS bothers me, and I may well drop yet another $170.00 on a matching Vibroplex part...  I don't know if I can stand having wildly different filters in the same position on the 2 receivers....  I think it will drive me nuts.
  • SP3, I got TWO...  They now have 23 or fewer.


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