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With a K4D, the two receivers can use separate antenna inputs. With a dual-RX-output transverter, you could connect one of its RX outputs to XVTR IF IN, and the other to RX ANT 1 IN. You would then put both VFO A and B on the same transverter band, and both can be set up to show the actual transverter frequency (same as on a K3). Further, the two VFOs could be linked, where VFO A controls both VFOs. With both receivers used simultaneously on two different antennas, this would be diversity mode.

Note: XVTR IF IN on the K4 is also labeled "RX ANT 2" because, internally, it is treated identically to RX ANT IN 1. Either can be used as a general-purpose RX antenna. If you have KAT4, you'll also be able to select any of its 3 antenna jacks as an RX antenna that could be used with either or both receivers. This would allow you to switch one of the receivers to a third transverter RX IF (if available) to do signal comparisons.


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A friend of mine ND4X asked me a question and I am no way qualified to even answer it. Below is his question:

I am looking at the K4D-F and want to make sure it will interface to my two meter EME transverter.

A simple transverter with one transmit and one receive line from the antenna would be easy, but for two meter EME I am using a ME2-XP transverter which has two receive BNC connectors to a transceiver (separate horizontal and vertical receive antennas) and a single BNC to the transceiver for transmit. (

Looking at your sales brochure from Dayton, I assume Transverter transmit would be from XVTR IF Out, my first receive only antenna (Horizontal) would go to XVTR IF IN, but I am not sure where I would connect the second receive only antenna (Vertical).

PTT Contact Closure to Ground is required for the transverter.

IF drive power is -20 to +37 dBm.

If you would help me understand the antenna connections to make sure everything can connect properly and the drive levels / PTT are compatible - I would really appreciate it.

I looked online, but could not find any info on the XVTR possibilities. I plan on ordering next week.


Paul - ND4X

Ed.. AB4IQ

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