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Bob McGraw - K4TAX

Since there are 2 receivers in the K4D-F I would think each receive BNC from the transverter IF1 and IF2 would connect to the two receivers on the K4D.   Now this says to me there are two receivers in the transverter thus there are 2 IF outputs at 28 MHz.  And there is a common input for the 28 MHz signal for transmit.   That's the way the pictures look for the transverter.

Transceiver and transverter control is easy and is available with correct switching and ratings on the K4 as well as the required drive power at the correct value.

I've never used a transverter with provisions for 2 antennas.  All of mine are DownEast Microwave of which I have 3 of them for 144 MHz, 432 MHz and 1296 MHz.  At present I only use the 144 MHz unit with my K3S.  Works great.

All of this raises questions with me, such as does the transverter select the proper polarization antenna for transmit?  And is there provision for transmitting on both vertical and horizontal antennas simultaneously?  Running a power amp would then require a power divider to feed the two antennas.   I ran a 8877 at about 1500 W  out on 2M and about the same on 432 MHz but with a different tube.   Are the outputs of the two receivers combined into one 28 MHz signal or is two separate IF's needed?   

As you can tell, I've never used or been concerned with polarization with any of my EME operations.    Besides that, the 128 element array {8 x 16} I had on 2M is not one you would want to rotate from horizontal to vertical.   EL-AZ is enough to manage.

Hope this helps.


Bob, K4TAX

On 12/31/2019 4:11 PM, Ed Pflueger wrote:

A friend of mine ND4X asked me a question and I am no way qualified to even answer it.  Below is his question:


I am looking at the K4D-F and want to make sure it will interface to my two meter EME transverter.


A simple transverter with one transmit and one receive line from the antenna would be easy, but for two meter EME I am using a ME2-XP transverter which has two receive BNC connectors to a transceiver (separate horizontal and vertical receive antennas) and a single BNC to the transceiver for transmit. (


Looking at your sales brochure from Dayton, I assume Transverter transmit would be from XVTR IF Out, my first receive only antenna (Horizontal) would go to XVTR IF IN, but I am not sure where I would connect the second receive only antenna (Vertical).


PTT Contact Closure to Ground is required for the transverter.


IF drive power is -20 to +37 dBm.


If you would help me understand the antenna connections to make sure everything can connect properly and the drive levels / PTT are compatible - I would really appreciate it.


I looked online, but could not find any info on the XVTR possibilities.  I plan on ordering next week.




Paul - ND4X


Ed.. AB4IQ



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