Re: K3s Remote

Bob Wilson, N6TV

Among other tricks, the "Serial Box" (S-BOX or S-BOX-USB) offers a plug and play solution compatible with RemoteHams software (or simple Windows batch files) to power a  K3 ON and OFF remotely.  With the S-BOX, power ON is done by toggling the RTS pin of the serial port HIGH and LOW (a bult-in feature of the RemoteHams software).  Toggling the RTS pin high momentarily grounds Pin 8 of the ACC port via a 2N2222A keying transistor inside the S-BOX.  No relays or web switches needed.  TeamViewer will work fine.

Power OFF is done by sending a PS0; command to the radio's serial port.  You can do that with a batch file or with RemoteHams.

More details including a block diagram and schematic are posted here:

The S-BOX includes a total of four 2N2222A keying transistors, so two more can be used to provide FSK keying and PTT via Pins 1 and 4 of same K3 ACC connector.  Genuine Amphenol® 9- and 15-pin shielded cables with molded connectors may be supplied with the S-BOX if needed, providing a complete plug and play solution for RemoteHams users.

On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 1:21 PM Jeff Wheeler W7JW <jeffrey.wheelersr@...> wrote:
I’m looking for the simplest, easiest, least complicated yet reliable way to remotely turn on and off my K3s.  I’ve looked at WIN4K3s and HRD, but frankly way more than I need or want at this time. Suggestions please....
Tnx Jeff W7JW

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