Re: Macro for Line In Level control

Bob McGraw - K4TAX

Both of those software applications have individual level adjustments. 

For WSJT-X it is the PWR slider on the right side. 

For MMTTY look under the OPTIONS tab and then down to Setup and then the TX tab and adjust the  Digital Output slider.

If at any time you change the SPKR level on the computer this will affect the audio level to the radio.


Bob, K4TAX

On 12/15/2019 8:52 AM, David Perry wrote:
Hi Bill,

I am using a K3 with the new built in sound card.  I find that I have to adjust the Line In level control depending on whether I am using MMTTY or WSJT-X.  For MMTTY, the level needs to be 9 to keep my ALC at 4-5 bars.  For WSJT-X, I need to adjust the line in setting down to 3.  This can be problematic when operating remote.  But your post just gave me the solution!

I just now adjusted the Pwr setting in WSJT-X so that I get 4 to 5 bars of ALC when the Line In is set at 9.  Now both apps will use the same setting for Line In.  Simple.  I have been in ham radio for over 50 years, but I keep learning something new!!


Dave, N4QS

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